Consumer Resources

At Valentine and Kebartas, LLC we conduct ourselves in an ethical and honest manner at all times. It if our belief that treating our client’s customers/borrowers with respect and dignity and placing their interests first will culminate in significantly above average returns and ensure our continuing vitality and success. It is our conviction that we always continue our quest for quality in everything we do. Quality is everyone’s work and each employee assumes personal responsibility for its achievement. We demonstrate teamwork from the smallest unit to the enterprise as a whole. We are proactive in our approach to demonstrate conduct that reflects integrity in everything we do.

Our collection representatives are trained to assist you with an amicable resolution with your account. They are knowledgeable with the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and other federal and state regulations and will apply a professional and courteous approach to help you understand your obligation to our client and what options are available to you. Our collection representatives are available to discuss any questions or concerns you have or to assist you with an affordable and reasonable payment plan that is satisfactory to both you and our client.