Third Party Collections

Companies are faced with the common challenge of finding ways to prompt seriously delinquent customers to make payment before they are charged off as bad debt and collect the full balance after write off. V&K’s third-party collection service imparts a sense of urgency upon seriously delinquent customers during these periods, reducing net write-offs and the cost of collecting after charge-off.

Most important is the timing, sequence, and breadth of effort V&K applies to your portfolio. With the right data supplied to us at placement, V&K can locate and collect from the greatest number of previously uncollected accounts. The best way to achieve this objective is V&K’s method: concerted calling campaigns supplemented by automated skip tracing and third-party notices.

Our strategy ensures V&K contacts and collects from the highest percentage of customers, translating to the greatest return and highest value for our clients.

V&K utilizes the following proven strategies to drive collections results:

  • Initial Data Scrub and Scoring
  • Telephone Interaction
  • Collection Letters
  • Credit Reporting
  • Skip Tracing